Policy Priorities

Fighting for Families

David’s top priority as our Congressman will be to fight for our families – our children, our brothers and sisters, and our parents.  For too long, Washington has had the wrong priorities and David will lead the fight to put families first, again.

Fighting for families’ health care: We need to ensure families with pre-existing conditions cannot be prevented from receiving coverage, whether through denials or being charged so much for insurance that they cannot afford it.  Every version of Trumpcare stripped away protections in existing law to ensure families with pre-existing conditions could get coverage and care.  If Trump and his Republican followers in Washington succeed in unraveling these protection, David will fight to restore them.  This is a personal quest for David – his wife is a breast cancer survivor and his daughter happens to have Down syndrome.

Fixing the rigged system in Washington, so families have real representation again: Washington no longer puts people and families first, as it is supposed to do, because members of Congress spend too much time raising money instead of representing their constituents.  Special interest donors and political power brokers have too much power in Washington, and families have too little.  We can change that by enacting reforms, such as the Government by the People Act – which has bipartisan support but has yet to receive a vote on the floor of the House or Senate.  David will fight for these needed reforms regardless of which party controls Congress or the White House.

Fighting for better schools: David has seen first hand how federal and state mandates force local schools and districts to take time and money away from ensuring every child excels, without funding the staff time needed to deal with these regulations.  As a result, our schools face intense pressure to teach test-taking skills, instead of job and life skills.  David will fight to end unfunded federal mandates and will fight for full funding for I.D.E.A. to ensure every student receives the support and services they need to excel.

Fighting for civil rights for all families: As part of our country getting on the wrong path, our civil rights have been under relentless attack for the past thirty years.  Voting rights also are under attack from a commission President Trump created that is repeating false reports of massive illegal voting and Congress’s inability to restore the Voting Rights Act.  Further, despite recent progress in protecting the dignity and rights of LGBT Americans, there still is no clear federal law banning discrimination and harassment against LGBT Americans.  America’s families come in many forms, and all deserve equal protection under the law.

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