Fixing Washington

Washington is broken.  We hear it every election cycle, and nothing ever seems to get done.  As bad as things were, the Citizens United decision made things worse by prioritizing dollars over voices.  Washington should be a place where everyone’s voice is counted.  Eliminating the influence of big money in politics must happen, for our sakes and for the sake of our children.  

As part of our country getting on the wrong path, our civil rights have been under relentless attack for the past thirty years.  One voting restriction after another benefits the wealthy over those in the working class.  We must do the necessary work to restore and strengthen the Voting Rights Act, and improve access and ease of voting.  Colorado stands above the other states in the strength of our voting laws and the accessibility of our ballots and should be the model for the rest of the nation.

A wrong-way Washington has consistently failed to protect its citizens.  While the wealthy enjoy exclusive sea-side or mountain resorts, the working class is left to fend for themselves in communities harmed more and more every day by pollution.  Protecting our families and friends by protecting clean air, clean water, and our Colorado landscapes only makes sense when we are blessed with so many natural treasures here in our state.  It’s too easy to say that we are forced to choose between growth and conservation – as if keeping our families safe cannot also be good business.  We can and should always strive to make our communities are both healthy and prosperous.

The greatest generation understood the necessity of sacrifice to make our country strong and safe.  They went to war against the Nazis to stand for the idea that all are created equal.  Both following the Great Depression and following the war, they understood that citizens need to sacrifice to make a country great.  The country invested in itself and the greatest generation worked day in and day out to do this.  They worked and invested to build our country, with bridges and highways that bring us together, build our communities and strengthen our economy.  They built an electrical grid that, by law, was available to all.  They built water treatment systems to bring good clean water to all.  They built sewage treatment plants to keep towns safe.

These systems that were created by our forefathers were built as a trust for future generations.  Now, a broken Washington has broken that trust.  Our infrastructure represents a promise we receive from our grandparents and make to our grandchildren.  To fulfill this trust, we must work to ensure these critical systems are left in better shape than we found them.  Washington has failed our country in letting these systems collapse, endangering our jobs and our families.  First, we must maintain and repair the roads and bridges.  Second, we need to repair water and sewer facilities so that the tragedy in Flint, Michigan does not happen here.  Third, we need to make sure that our energy grid is not at risk from hackers, while reinforce it as our energy sector becomes more diverse and less centralized.  At each step, we can look at what has worked before, what has worked elsewhere, and what we expect to see in the future.

The swamp in Washington has never been more present or more malicious.  We cannot count on those in power to serve this country or this district.

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